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  1. The battery – provides the electric current needed to heat up the coil. Batteries come in a variety of capacities. Vape-O Batteries are 1100mAh. Our battery has a 6 month warranty (This warranty is based on the manufacturer’s recommendation assuming a maximum of 300 charge cycles. Please take care of your battery as it is an electronic device with sensitive circuitry and can be damaged if dropped or mishandled. Your device charges using a USB cable, make sure the power output match your device if using a wall charger. (Vape-O does not sell wall charges). If your charger has a higher voltage than your battery, you could overheat the battery or short the device. The best option is to use the cable you received with your Vape-O product. Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight or in your car unattended as high temperatures will heat your device to a dangerous level.
  2. The coil – is made up of heating wire wrapped around a wick. The electric current passes through the wire and heats up the liquid to the point where it is vaporized into a steam (the temperature is controlled so there is no harm of burning yourself). PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE HEART OF THE DEVICE AND IS A CONSUMABLE COMPONENT WHICH WILL NEED TO BE REPLACE EVERY 3-4 WEEK DEPENDING ON USAGE.
    You will know the coil needs replacing when there is little to no flavour from your chosen liquid OR the amount of vapour being inhaled and exhaled is significantly less than normal (assuming the battery is fully charged or is not nearing recharge level). This is based on using Vape-O refill liquids.
  3. The Clearomizer – tank houses the coil as well as the liquid. Please try to avoid dropping the device as the glass tube can break.


First Use: Filling liquid into the V3-Easy Clearomizer: Make sure the coil is screwed on tight before filling with Vape-O liquid.  The metal part of where you will see the adjustable airflow can stay screwed on to the battery. To fill the device push down on the V3-Easy clearomiser (child lock) and unscrew the tank, hold the tank to where the mouth piece is facing the floor, tilt the Clearomizer tank at 45 degrees and pour the refill liquid into the side of the tank up to the MAX level just below the center hole. The refill liquid must not be poured into the center hole of the device as this is the tube where the vapour is inhaled through. Still holding the clearomizer up side down, place the battery back on to the clearomizer, push down and screw back on. Place the device standing up for no less than 1 minute so that the liquid can absorb into the bottom coil. Failing to allow the coil to absorb the liquid will result in a burnt taste and damaging the coil.

The coil should last roughly 1-2 weeks depending on usage, based on using Vape-O refill liquids. As this is a consumable component you will eventually become accustomed to determining the performance of the coil and to identify when the coil needs replacing. With a freshly charged battery, if there is little flavour or little vapour being exhaled, chances are the coil needs replacing. Also bear in mind that if the coil is damaged it will not be able to vaporize the liquid…if you hold the device close to your ear while pressing the power button (make sure the battery is unlocked) and there is no sound coming from the device the coil is most likely loose and will need to be tightened. If there is still no sound coming from the device after tightening, the coil is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced.

To UNLOCK the battery press the top button rapidly 4 times.                              To LOCK the battery press the top button rapidly 4 times.

The battery has a built in safety feature whereby if the ignition button is pressed for more than 8 seconds the battery will automatically lock. Simply press the button 4 times to unlock and carry on with usage.

The V3-Easy battery LED lights will let you know how much battery life is available. White light 60%-100% battery life / 20%-60% battery life / Red light 0%-20% battery life. Recharging the battery to full life will take roughly 1 hour. It would be a good idea to purchase a separate V3-Easy battery as a spare just to make sure you are not left without whilst your original battery is on charge.

Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight or in your car unattended as high temperatures will heat your device to a dangerous level.

The V3-Easy battery has a capacity of 900mAh which with heavy usage should last roughly 15hrs between charges but this is depending on usage.

Always a good idea to have a spare battery on hand between charges. V3-Easy batteries are also sold separately.

Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight or in your car unattended as high temperatures will heat your device to a dangerous level.

“Not all e-Liquids are created equal”! While the composition for most e-liquids allow for universal usage some liquids can clog up the coil due to impurities or unknown ingredients. Vape-O e-liquids are certified 100% natural ingredients and manufactured in and FDA approved bio-lab. We cannot guarantee good performance of the Vape-O device if using another brand of liquid not endorsed by Vape-O. We love suggestions so if we don’t have the flavour you “crave” let us know and if possible we will try add it into our range down the line.

Nicotine e-liquid is not permitted for sale to minors (Under 18 years old). Nicotine is an addictive substance and can lead to dependence and the use of our products containing nicotine is done so at your own risk. We do not recommend the use of e-liquids containing Nicotine for Pregnant women or those breast feeding.

If your battery button is flashing once you have connected it to the clearomizer, this is an indication that coil has blown or has not been screwed in properly. First make sure the coil is tightly screwed on. If the problem persisits then the coil is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced with a new coil.

Remember to always allow the liquid to soak into the coil wick for at least 1 minute. This will prevent the coil from burning and being damaged.